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Michael Moorcook's Stormbringer (Stormbringer Roleplaying Game, 2115)

Michael Moorcook's Stormbringer (Stormbringer Roleplaying Game, 2115)

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FANTASY ROLEPLAYING IN THE WORLD OF ELRIC This dark fantasy roleplaying game is set in the world of the Young Kingdoms, based on the Elric novels written by author Michael Moorcock. Exhaustive background features rich descriptions of the island of Melnibon and of her former holdings, known collectively as the Young Kingdoms. Character generation is quick and complete. The forces of Law, Chaos, and the Cosmic Balance affect every adventurer: their allegiances reflect the choices which you make for him or her. Magic includes rules for summoning, casting spells, and invocations and enchantments. Creatures and personalities chapters describe the multitude of beasts, denizens and human-like inhabitants of the world. Spot rules

highlight important game details. The gamemaster chapter is recommended reading for new gamemasters. Two scenarios, six ready-to-copy adventurers, a new world map, an index, list of terms, and play aids complete this book. All you add are dice and your imagination.

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