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Battlesystem (Battle System) Fantasy Combat Supplement (AD&D) [BOX SET]

Battlesystem (Battle System) Fantasy Combat Supplement (AD&D) [BOX SET]

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An exciting new direction for AD&D and D&D games! Create fantastic armies with miniature figures or die-cut counters and fight incredible battles against the forces of evil! The BATTLESYSTEM game is fully compatible with any official AD&D or D&D game spell, monster, or plane of existence - now matter how obscure! You can create you own battles or play the exciting scenarios - including an epic DRAGONLANCE adventure battle! The BATTLESYSTEM game uses an innovative mass combat system and allows use of field artillery, flying, magic, invisibility, and illusion! AD&D and D&D characters can earn experience points by commanding armies or fight as individual heroes! Lead your armies into the ultimate fantasy war with the BATTLESYSTEM Fantasy Combat Supplement!

Here's What You Get!

  • 32-page rule book
  • 16-page guide to miniatures
  • 24-page scenario book
  • Player Aid Cards
  • Army Roster Sheets
  • 801 die-cut counters