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Memoir '44 Winter Wars, The Ardennes Offensive Expansion

Memoir '44 Winter Wars, The Ardennes Offensive Expansion

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This Memoir '44 expansion packs everything a soldier needs to fight through the bitter cold battles of the Ardennes Offensive during Christmas 1944. Winter Wars includes:

  • 88 winter terrain tiles
  • 20 Winter Combat cards
  • 80 new Command cards designed specifically for Breakthrough battles
  • New Winter Combat rules!

As well as new Troop badges, including the all-new Tank Destroyer and Heavy Anti-Tank Gun units, and Late War model versions of an Anti-Tank Gun, Mortar, and Machine Gun.

The first six scenarios are standard scenarios, playable with a single base game and this expansion, while the other four scenarios are gigantic Breakthrough renditions of the Battle of the Bulge. These scenarios require the Eastern Front expansion and Breakthrough kit of board maps to play.

    Condition: N/S, new and factory sealed.